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Puppy Parties

Puppy parties and socialisation classes

Puppy Parties

Puppy parties and socialisation classes

However, we are very aware that puppies still need to be trained and owners still need help and guidance and so we are taking it upon ourselves to adapt and change to the current climate and working with Alice Crick from the puppy training school to assist you.

What are the benefits of the online training package?

  • No lower age limit – as soon as your puppy is home and ready to learn, you can sign up to the training course
  • No distractions of a training class – you get to practise in the comfort of your own home, where your puppy will inevitably be more settled
  • Small groups – we take no more than 4 puppies into each online course, allowing lots of time for individual coaching
  • No travelling to classes – it is literally training from home!
  • Children are welcome to take part in the training with you
  • Lots of encouragement and support from one another as well as Alice your Puppy School tutor
  • We are also available to carry out additional private sessions (for an additional fee) to assist with any topics not covered by the course

You will log onto your computer at a time and date agreed with us in advance – the programme runs for six weeks, each session lasting around one hour. Once you log in (you’ll need a computer / phone or iPad with a camera), you’ll be able to see Alice and the other attendees, and we can all see you. There will be no more than four puppy owners joining any one course, in order to allow for lots of time helping and coaching.

Alice will play you a video of each exercise, whilst giving a running commentary of what is happening. She will then ask you all to practise the exercise with your puppy and she will coach you, watching the video to give you individual hints and learning points. There will be around five exercises each week, each of which will also be written up in the free 28-page colour training manual that is supplied to accompany the course.

Fantastic, please get in touch with Alice asap who will be able to give you the dates of our forthcoming courses. If you would like to trial your technology before signing up, to check it is right for you, please let her know and she can arrange a 15-minute online trial session with you and your puppy.

Alice's details: 07511 011562 or email:

Whilst we fully appreciate that this is not the same as a live puppy training class/party, we do feel that online coaching in this way offers a fantastic alternative, which will help you to help your puppy in these trying times.

We hope that you find this service useful. We also look forward to hearing about it and seeing your puppies soon.

Here at Clockhouse Veterinary Group, we feel it is very important to start your puppy’s life off on the right paw with regards to socialisation and training. We offer free puppy parties with Animal Behaviour and Trainer Council Registered Practitioner and reputable Puppy School Trainer, Alice Crick.

Puppy parties are open to all puppies who have had their first vaccination and you can attend as many times as you like up until your puppy has received its second vaccination.

Alice is on hand to guide you through puppyhood and is ready to answer any questions you may have surrounding training and behaviour.

Topics covered

  • Night time problems
  • Car and Travel problems
  • Play-biting and teething
  • Toilet training
  • Helping with fears and phobias
  • Mental Stimulation Exercises
  • Introducing to children
  • Learning how to cope with the veterinary environment
  • Introducing and socialising puppies in a safe, secure and calm environment

Each puppy is matched appropriately with short, sweet little off-lead interactions. Care is taken to being mindful of each puppy's individual temperaments and sensitivities – first time impressions count so book in now for some lovely puppy 'meet and greets’.

Puppy Parties days and times

  • Tuesday evenings at our Nailsworth branch at 6.15pm
  • Thursday evenings at our Stroud Hospital at 6.00pm and 7.00pm

To discuss socialising your puppy and to sign up for a party, please call us on 01453 752 555 or speak to our lovey reception team to make a booking. They are on hand to give you advice about anything from flea, worm and tick treatment, to nutrition, dog training and dental care. You can also book an appointment for a nurse to clip your pet’s nails, check your pet’s wound after a routine procedure or for weight checks.

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