Meet Our Team

We are fortunate at Clockhouse Veterinary Group to have an amazing team of committed, talented and enthusiastic staff. Here is a brief introduction to the team...



Management Team

Vet Team

Javier Sanz Javier Sanz
Dan Butts Dan Butts
Fiona Chevalier Fiona Chevalier
Nicky Peters Nicky Peters
Laura Powell Laura Powell

Nurse Team

Hayley Evans Hayley Evans
Georgia Youhill Georgia Youhill
Hannah Callister Hannah Callister
Louisa Clarke Louisa Clarke
Linka Sendall Linka Sendall
Sarah-Jane Mertens Sarah-Jane Mertens
Natalie Anderson-Dixon Natalie Anderson-Dixon
Candida Taylor Candida Taylor

Reception Team

Helen Moreland Helen Moreland
Niamh Murphy Niamh Murphy
Caroline Alder Caroline Alder
Barbara Poulton Barbara Poulton
Annie Rogers Annie Rogers
Laura O'Moore Laura O'Moore
Kelsey Roche Kelsey Roche

Support Staff Team

Jennie Roseblade Jennie Roseblade

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